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as the snow flakes reaturn once again to secpit towerss in old bethnall green welcolm .failte.dynnargh.croeso.2013

March 23, 2013


as once again winter reaturns  as the snow flakes dance up and down as they fall to the ground and all you can hear is a whisppering sound like they say look out the snow flakes boys are back in the town some are small some are big and are a one of like a finger print as nature say ive not put my winter cloke away like a duvet of bright white as the snow lays on the trees and everything around is all new and white the only colour one can see is the yellow daffodils as they bow there heads as they surch for the sun asa they look down at the ground so sad and cold if only they could talk there would be a story to be told as the secrets that they hold of years that have past long before you and i of people that have walked by and warshat have come and gone but every year the daffodils come into bloom and even thou there is plenty of room for them to grow its allways the few you know as they sit there in the snow as like a tear runns of there trumpets and drips on the ground even the birds dont make a sound and there is no noise around as i put on my hat and scarf and go up into the town as the snow dances around my feet like saying its time here we are again and soon the snow men will appear once again with there carrots for noses and bright hats and colourd scarfs as they sit in gardens and parks once again with there cherry fases as old friends walk by like saying here boys here i am dont for get i as the sky brightens just a bit the birds reaturn as they burst into song and say come along boys come along wanna play as iceacles start to form from the houses window leage s some must be 4ft high as they hang of the street lights like glass spikes then when they get to long they fall to the ground with a crashing sound as the light swithches on as they shine on the ground as the north wind bvlows once again its only 34f again

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