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croeso failte.dynnargh.welcolme as i reasturn to shadwell and once again vist brian of shadwell e1

March 25, 2013

theres nothing like a cold afternoon to leave the fire side on my mission to find some insperation for my blog  and i thought it was time to vist brians shop as it nesssles by the side of shad well station and you never know what you will find in this alladines cave of some unusall things like as you vencher in you see lots of dressed mana kins figers with a large coffin out side the door as you vencher in you see big brian a cockey boy which is rare sight in london these days theres lots to see and he has lots of funature some 1990s cookers and lots of everything so why not get on the d3 and go and see you might find something for thee to buy so dont be shy give him a try</pthen i went on the bus to poplar to get on the 277 to go to a little shoppe called second time around but he was closed but on waiting for the d6 i saw thous hunky baildon cota boys as they drove by they beebed there horn as i notest the windows all steamed up with thous men i thought i could do with a manly warm up oh well as they went on there way looks like the electric fire will have to do as i got on the bus the mile end park was in bloom the little purple crokess as they may be small but they stand tall as i notest some cherry blossom on one of the tree as pink ands preaty as can be against they grey sky like a bright light all warm and bright

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