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failte.dynnargh.croeso.welcolme,as its time to reamember the k2 electric kettle by russle hobs from the 1970s

March 25, 2013

unlike kettles to day the ones of the past was well decined i tell you that jug kettle i have aint a patch on them as i cant reamewmber the times it has topped over as its wider at the top and narrower at bottom and slow or wat an uninteresting piece of white plasic but i reamember going to the local second hand dealer in braintree b ills shop and spying my eye on this russle hobs kettle and with a clean up it was like new it looked so syleish with its crome and big black handle with red big switch as it boiled the water in no time at all in fact i was sorry to have to let it go but the element died after many years of service as it was old in 1999. but theres nothing like them and well done to the deciners who thought of making a wonderfull piece of tectnoligy which if they was made to day they would still look as modern to day as they did then and they boiled quicker but its england at its best

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