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i just blew in from a windy cold islington county n1 yeaterday thursday

March 29, 2013

if you havent been to islington county then give it a vist  as i got on the 205 bus at old street and passed the ptor stronghold you know hes there about as the smell of cream cakes wootfs the air  talk about the cream da la cream as the bus stopps at angle stop in the town they have various stores they seem to have it all hmv and waitrose and sanisburys to  i must admit  i haven been in a waitrose store yet  as my mother says its to posh for you may be one day i will venter inn they also have h and m and pipadee they have toilets to and rbs banks and moobile fone shops and 4 charity shops as well as posh clothes shops so go and see and having a tpilet in the place sertainly helps espesially in this cold weather

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  1. Libby Hall permalink
    March 30, 2013 7:45 am

    Waitrose too posh for Viscountess Boudica Denvorgilla Veronica Scarlet Redd?!! Not likely! More like the other way round. Waitrose should be honoured to have such a customer.

    (It’s only an ordinary supermarket, with wide aisles and friendly staff – and it’s not always even more expensive than Tesco’s these days.)

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