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sasta an chaisl dedwydd,hapus pasg.lowen pask happy easter for sunday to all my readers

March 29, 2013

as once again it will be soon easter day when christ raises from the dead from his cave and signalls reabearth from death a new life is once again born as the yearly cycle of life continues from the flowers that burst in to flower and the new born lambs and the fluffy yellow chickens and ducks and wheres theres life there is hope and love will find away and its so at easter as familys come to gether to celabrate this speacial time with the givening of easter eggs and reamembering thous who are  less fortuant and on there own as we all look forward to spring one again so id like to wish you all sastu an chaisl.dedwyddhapus pasg.lowenpask happy easter

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