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failte.croeso.dynnargh.welcolme,as its time to reaturn once again to the braintree years and to 1988 when dick lost his friend willy,

March 30, 2013


in my time in the braintree years the people there had so unualle pets like the old man who used to walk by stubbs lane school eith a sheep on a lead it was a massive one the trouble it looked at one with thous sheep eyes a bot like one bloke i knew from 2009 i suppose when you think about it he did pull the wool over my eyes but there you go any way i dygressed then there was the fox that lived in the garden in hay lane off bartrums avenue then there was dick i allways called him big dick manly cos as he walked along there was something that moove in the frount of his troucers it a living thing what ever it was i thought it best not to stare for to long untill one day i saw him in cressing road looking up set looking sorry for him self the thing about his face it was allways coverd in hackney you know thous terrible spots any way curiosity got the bettewr of me so i had a look in to see if the creacher was there nothing mooved when i stood there when he said im so over cum ive lost my little willy whats terrible i said fancy looing your willy what s it like i said its got ginger fur on it he said so i said you filty beast dirty boy at 24years old you should know better i said no he said its my pet ferrit he goes every where with me i allways pop him down the frount of my jeans he sleeps there oh i see so you have 2 pets there then i said ive looked in the usall plases for him so i said oh he will turn up when hes hungry any way a couple of days went by he was up by the coop store at the top of cressing road and the baulge was back so he sayed my little willys back i found him under my bed so you want to look i reapiled no thank you can leave you little willy where he is thank you i dont want to get bitten thank you so all s well thats ends well and his willy reaturned to dick men

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