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diwedhva.chaptra.enaeno moy byebywnans ageses.nevages.norvys, diwedd.pennod ermwynbywyd eiddynt ychwaneg nag nefoedd ac ydaear.deireadh ceann seo acusan go nemh andomhan.thje closing chapters of theres more to life than heaven than earth part one of 31. and we start with puffing billy as life was allways a drag as he continuosly smoked his fags

April 20, 2013

failte.its time to go back to the braintree years to 1987,and oh its time to once again to meet puffing billy of old brighton town who ted on his travels brought him up to braintree town for the day ,

in my time i have known many gay men and as the saying goes one size dont fit all but this one at first i thought wheres he coing from with this langwich that id never heard before and how he called the men he knew by there feamail names and talked about what a loverly lunch box he had and meals on wheels about bikers and when he spotted the kids in there 30s he caid coowy sister do you want to f a friend for the coing bank hoiliday oh i do feel so queer he said nice packet on you love as the blokes said poof fag and said i anit like that as puffing billy reaplied dont worry you dont have to be gay to have your end away and blew them a kiss as he was rushed up the staires as i thought any minute theres going to be a riot as he put on fag out and immedatly lit another and he talked about his sling backs and wanted to be known as the brighton bell so i said i bet you allways doi it by hand i mean ring your bell have a clag some time he said as he said can we go for a mince i said i have no meet in the flat as he looked out the window bonra on that cooie he shouted out the window and you can ammagine the reaction starting with a lot of f and b words by this time he must of smoked 30 fags in 4hrs he said i only smoke 87 a day but the biggest supprise of all when he said he had 2 girl friends 4 kids and didnt like men dressin as women i tell you i was glad when they went as the room was so thick with smoke as the haze like a fog in the room and the bin full of butts so what happend to the brighton puffing billy bell a few monthes later ted said he dided and he had to go to his furnall e and that was the end of puffing billy as the years have gone by i haven seen the camp gay man since that one

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