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diwedhva chaptra.enaeno moy byebywnans agesesnev ages norvys.deireadh caibidil an ceann seo acusan go beatho na nemh an domhan.closing chapters part 2 0f 30 as i look back at the ironic brands that sadly have now gone from the 1970s and 80s

April 23, 2013

so when i see the brands of soap piwder on the tv i rarly go out and try some thing different i suppose we are creachers of habit mind you saying that wasnt the guy on the bike in the ariel ad hunky and hot shame they have taken that one off oh well there you go .but the first powder i ever saw was i thought it was called homo in 1967 but its called omo i saw a packet of it on the internet the other day .i used to use it to wash my smalls by the hand .then of course in the 1970s there was tide radiant .powders they have long gone and then there was the washing up liqids like sunlight leamon and squeezy and then in the 80s there was drive whisk conditioners in red bottles and the ones from the 50s which i only heard about apparntly called rinso oxydell and something called blue bags and ajax cleaner and vim powder and dot for the bog and brobat blue from the 80s

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