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endingchapters29 of 31.diwedd pennod,ermwynbywyd,eiddynt ychwaney nag nefoedd as ydaear,deireadh caibdil,an ceann seo acusan go beatho na nemh an domhan.ena eno moy bye bywnans ageses nev ages its time once again to vist arther and his gang at the sunday markert brick lane

April 23, 2013


as arther and his mate big den starts putting up there stalls for another day there has been a few of his gang missing danny boy and his boy m arky haven been all year may be one day they will reaturn again also roy and his gang big tom and charles are missing and the thing that spoils the market is that they still let cars drive through the market after all these years you would of thought the councill would bann then from coing through the market and also stop people spitting on the pathment its so bleeding common dont they have any manners i wonder so why dont you go to the sunday market for your selfs next sunday also you will see big chris he will allways have time for you on his watch stall and the man with all the toys if you want something soft and furry to get your hands on

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