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ending chapters no 28 0f31 diwedhva chaptra.enaeno moy bye bywnans ageses.nevages norvys.diwedd pennod erwynbywyd eiddynt ychwaneynag nefoedd,ac ydaear.diereadh caibidil anceann seo acusan go beatho na nemh an i look back at the famous coffee brands that were about in england in the late 1960s and 1970 80 s

April 25, 2013

i dunno about you but the first coffee i ever reamember was nescoffee in the 40z jar with the red tin screw off lid but the coffees that have come and gone like camp with chickery and sugar allready in it and the one you see occationly is mellow birds but the ones from the 1970s and 1980s have dissaperard from the super market shelfs like brim and elevenses with the light blue top and good bay reamember the ad that was allways on itv in 1985 that makes a welcolm change berial and happy shopper in the orange jar they was an of shoot from peacock brand but you still can buy gold coffee

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