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ending chaptersno 26 0f 31 deireadh caibtdil an ceann seo acusan go beatho na nemh an domhan diwedhva chaptra diwedd pennod ermwynbywyd eiddynt ychwaneynag nefoedd ac ydaearas its time to look back at biscuits and a cup of tea crumbs

April 26, 2013

they allways say in a crises have a cup of tea like it will solve any proplem i think a biscuit helps with it as i reamember the biscuits i once nibbled on that we dont see anymore on our supper market shelfs like leamon puffs and them snow balls with the jam in the top and wagon wheels with jam in them and then of course there was the candys like pink pantha bars they were pink candy and coconut ice bars dime bars caramac and frys peppermint cream bars cabbana coconut choc bars spanngels and as for the tea its self the old tea pot like the swan cooffe perclator have verchally gone you very hardly see loose tea these days and then there was tunnocks wafer biscuits and there tea cakes dark choclate bonville bars in the red wrapper plain bounty bars bar of six in the orange wrapper and of course the tunis cake that in the 1980s were allways about at christmas time and the fig s in the sellophane wrapper tiffin bars breakaway bars in the yellow wrappers and peanut brittle brandy snaps rocky bars taxi bars paramer violets sweets they dony make them like they used to o

and of corse coconut mushrooms.

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