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endingchaptors no 24 0f31 diwedhava chaptra enaeno moy bye bywnans agesesnev ages norvys deireadh caibidil an ceann seo acusan go beatho nadomhan diwedd pennod ermwynbywyd eiddynt ychwang nag nefoedd ac ydaear brighton calling from 1980

April 30, 2013


well after all these years its time to reaturn to brighton as its time to go nation wide in my quest to find a man who thinks he can after all its been ni on 4 years since ptor and the days of slater street and even thou i have seen him last wek or should i say i smelt him as i go into one of the local village shops and there he was as he justed looked whilst holding his shopping bags no doupt waiting for that old doxcy and after all if i stay here i will die of bordom and it will make a change to see what other towns have on offer as i go nation wide further from home

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