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and now its time for part 2 of 31 of ending chapters failte croeso dynnarghthey came from a far the west midlands they came like 2 gods that they are 2013

May 28, 2013


well what can i say when these couple of gods came delivering a washer to my door well its looks like im going to have to vist the west midlands to see if these superhunks there are more of these superior men i must admit wow are they fit hgis mate a lot helps as they say with his sexy voise oh i do love a bit of reagenall accent on a man but these were like gods big and strong as i looked so why arent london men as fit as these but sadly they come down on bussness but it looks like i shall have to vist the west midlands to see if there any of these guys that are single so get ready boys im coming to invade after all thses years coming soon as i want to see these supperior men on there own territrey it made be raining out side unfortually in bethnall green not raining men oh well teres nothing like a bit of eye candy to makes one day and there are so strong like big cuddly giants which you dont often see here wanted single westmidlands man so as i travel around the country where after next will my advenchers take me well its off to the west midlans and then off to birmingham englands 2nd city i last visted there in 1983 so its time i went back to see and then to watford i last visted there in 2008 when i got kieths watford kit the lasteset strip home and away as they say and then on to coldchester i tell you it can be 80f in chemlsford but go to coldchester its drops to 45f and finally to dublin closer to home after all these centrys that have pased mind you a bit like coldchester its ni on 25years since i last walked the streets there so come on boys come out to play today

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