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the finall chapteras the blogs comes to an end its the topnumber one storys in this chapter its one of the 8 and its time to look back at the job interveiws that i went to in the past 1980to 2012

May 29, 2013


we have all been there appiling for jobs some that would do like a skceliton job to go to untill something better would hopefully turn up i think in my time i must of filled out so many job application forms the paper i used must of been enough to go around the world at least 4times and back but i must admit i found pertenshall employers in london just seemed to never bother to even give me a interveiw its not like im thick cos i have 3 quailifications english maths and history but its the old addege theres just to much compertion and when on the dole at the time the dwp as they were then dont realise how its so hard to get a job a couple said oh not suitable so what do employers look for well the anwer to that is i have to go back to the braintree years as one told me that they look to see if your attractive enough to fit in to there team what is this a dateing ajency or what i thought they employed you for the skills and quailifications you have after all as i pointed out to one rude old bag as i told them inno uncirtain terms its not what you wear or how you look unless your going for a modleing job its what you can do and have you looked at your self in the mirror after all its not the clothes that maketh the woman or indeed man and you know what you can do with your job dont you as i walked out the door i think that some employers need a reality check and realise that what a person looks like or what they wear is immerterial is wheather they have the right skills to do the job but the interviews i hated when there was 3 of them with 6 beedly eyes watching your every moove ad the silly questions they ask like oh where do you come from your not around here are you ?i felt like saying from mars got a problem with that or we have never had your type wanting to join our firm and of course we think it best that we have to say no incase some one might take offence if we had a tranny on the teamyou now how it is dont you and was i going to let them get away with it not on your nelly as i said im so glad you feel that way becase i woulnt want to work with a load of biuggorted patronising indervisials like you any way as there a lots of things i want to do before i croke and working with you just anit one of themgood bye slain but i found some employers okay but a lot need to stop disscrimating against people that are trans as for the dwp they need to be more understanding after all to go on the dole is not by choice its by circumstance in a lot of cases

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