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now its time to reaturn to the oxford shire years part 6 of the ending chapters so sitting comfortabley lets its time to reaturn to how my life started all that time ago so back to the 1960s and first port of call is oxford are you ready ?

May 30, 2013


i olly have vivid memerys of oxford but theres cirtain things that i can recorlect even thou i was not long born and not fully understanding what things were all about but i reamember the hussle and bussle of this city and when i was on the bus these giants fases looking at me in my pramand the birds singing it wasnt to much late when i fully understood what was going on there then of course my auts farm and beeing told of for crying and beeing slapped for doing it and the big cat that used to share my pram and how the wheel used to fall off with lots of swear words well how can i ever for get them as it seemerd the norm when i could speak that they would be the words that i would use in every day conversation and people with fags cigs in there mouthes and the smell and taste of these white sticks that glowed red on the end with this black smoke coing off the end to o but there are some wonderfull laces there like eversham such a loverly place and bister and leclade and borton on the water with its little cottages on the othere side of the bridge and cheltenham the plce where people used to take the sparwaters to make them better and burford with its olddy weldy street and old buildings and shipton and milton underwychwood and ascot and not forgetting witney such a big plse and cowley where the morriss men were at that time cricklade and carterton and so many i never went too then of course theres swindon oh them soilders in there sexy uniforms of green that they wore and the railway plase there as well so why not go and see for your self

and not forgetting stow on the wold and the fairs they use to have there

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