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the finall chaptra part one number 7 of 8 deireadh caibidil anceann seo acusan go beatho na nemh an domhan diwedd pennod erwynbywyd eiddynt ychwaney nag nefoedd ac ydear as its time took go back to the bristol years on and off

May 30, 2013


its supprising what i can reamember from these years and even at a young age i was awhere what was arround me and in bristol i can reamember the cliften suppension brdge over the river severn and cliften its self and white ladys road as i used to go by with my nanny and the bbc tv center and the story abot some time in the early 5os at bristol zoo they had this great big gorrila who dided there who was quite famous creacher and my mother when she worked in the paper shop serving these people with there morning papers who became famous to and temple meeds station it was said that years ago england had different time zones like they do in the usa and from london in thous days you had to re set your watch to bristol times

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