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nd now its time for the number one storys to finally end the blog untill the fialle extra story so its going back to first 2009 and the bethnall green years and i coulnt go with the full circle story as i go back to the 1960s and paul and keith but first time to go back to the middle of the bethnall green years so are you ready then i will begine

May 31, 2013

it all started back in 2009 and lets say this i shall never look at orange orchicits in the same way ever again it was getting late afternoon in late summer that year i had to catch our local village store before it closed at 4pm so i went up with plenty of time to spare and got my bits and pieces as you do and i had to get some cigs i went to the cig stall it was packed by the isles and i didnt notise that under the flower dissplay there was water on the floor all of a sudden i slipped and ended up fase in these orange orcides i must of pased out for a few seconds all i can reamember a big man helping me up to my feet and sking if i was okay i was wearing flat shoes i was so humilated after all if it had been heals but after all thous years they did the right thing by me but thous orange orchides

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