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welcolme failte,so what about the storys that didnt quite make the blog before its demise no630 so lets go back to 1987 and the bumlebee down my top

June 6, 2013


theres one thing about country living is when your out in the open in heybride basin you never know what to exspect,so once again lets reaturn to them braintree years .sitting comfey ?then i shall begine,as i reamember it was a nice warm sunny day in june a bit like to day so off i vencherd with ted to sell some of his old books to make some money and sit by the sea for a few mins before going to maldon the one in the plase called essex anyway as i sat there by the sea it was very busy it usally is when i heard buzzing around as ted lickED his ice creame that he had brought as i was thinking at the time tight fisted old bugger never offerd to buy me one after i helped him typical man ,anyway the buzzing got loader and i could feelsomething had gone down my top and crawling about as i tryed to scatch it then ted said its not that bee you heard ?as i had to take off my top and fling it away from me as far as i could and shaCKE IT VIGGEROUSLY ANYWAY AS I PULLED THE TOP OF THE GROUND THERE IT WAS IN IT AS THIS BLOKE WALKED BY AND CHEEKLY SAID NICE PAIR I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS TOPLESS PART OF THE BEACH .AS I LOOKED AT THE BEE NOW THEN MY BUZZY FRIEND I SUPPOSE YOU THINK YOUR THE BEES KNEES HU NOW BUZZ OFF AS TED SNIGGERDLOADLY .AS IT FLEW AWAY I SAID BYE HONEY  TED SAID UNUSSALL YOU HAVE A BEE DOWN YOUR TOP YOU USALLY HAVE A BEE IN YOUR BONNETT .OH HOW FUNNY HA HA I SAID I HOPE YOUR NOT GOING TO BEE DIFFICULT WHEN I HAVE TO HELP YOU SLL THESE BOOKS THIS AFTER NOON LIKE YOU WAS EARLIER I SAID TO TED SO THE NEXT TIME I WENT THERE I WORE A HIGH NECK JERSEY.

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