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the continuation of the storys that didnt make the bolg part 3 and the swing and the stingingnettles failte dynnarghcroesoas its time to reaturn back to the summer of 1967 and farmer paul who pushed me to high men

June 8, 2013


as i sat on the old swing in the village i reamember how hard it was to make the thing work as i was getting these funny feelings in my stomack as i tryed to get hight as farmer paul was coming in to the village and stoppedand said having trouble my duck want a push i can manage i said i can help okay i suppose so but not to high now as he pulled me and the swing back as i was going back wards and forwards and gaing hight as i notised the stinging nettles near by with there pinkish purplely flowers on them some was white all of a sudden farmer paul lost controll and i fell off with a bang into the stinning nettles i did land boy didnt the sting the backs of my legs as he rushed laughing away as i said i suppose you think thats funny as he picked meup and put his big arms around me i suppose we better get theee some dock leaves to put on them to take the sting away and where pray are we supposed to find them hu i said any way after hunting around the park he found a couple of the dock leaves and rubbed them on my legs but his hands were hard and rough and i had to walk up the lane with him to my aunts farm and then put some callamine lotion on them with made them pink er so after trying that i put some which hazle on them that sting and made it worse and in the end i put butter on them and in a few days the rash and stinging went but i never got on them be swings again and what annyed me when i used to mension it to him from time to time that he would laugh men.

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