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dynnargh falite welcolme its 6 of the storys that didnt make the blog and its part 2 of the witham ghost storys as its time once again to meet ted and reaturn to 1987 christmas time

June 10, 2013


it was christmas time 1987 and ted had by this time mooved back to his beloved london but had came a visting me in braintree and wanted to vist lod friends in little bromley in a pub he used to like going too .it was quite a way as it was 237am british winter time so he wanted to vist the what he would call the cottage on the a12 it was were we earlier that year witnessed the round house settlement as you pass the shell garage as i waited in his automobile untill he reaturned as we drove off and went by the same spot but sadly dissapointed oh well perhaps next time i said as we drove down the road that comes in to witham town as we passed mill lane and up the hill into newland street passed the white heart pub and i saw the christmas tree oh look i said to ted doesnt it look preaty with its triommings on it ?yes he said as i looked over to him i noticed a big black dog by the hotle sitting on the pathment i said to ted look at that poor dog i wonder if should stop and try to see if it has a collor on it it might have an disk with a number on it all ted said was i wouldnt like to feed that must cost a small fortune i bet he said .wait i will get out and have a look if your chicken i said so be it you can see he said well the orner will surly be missing it i said it might be a stray he said .as i went nearer it turned its head i shall never for get its big yellow eyes and this big head with these long black whiskers on its face as ted said get back in the car its a big cat it must be about 4or 5ft high as i turned the cat shot off down the road at speed down by mill lane it went now what do we do ii said to ted so he said years ago people used to keep them as pets and when they grew tired of them they let them out into the country side in the 1900s well should we tell the police i said no he said wewll lets see where it went at least i said . go up to the lights head to wards braintree and turn left at the 2nd turning as we traveled up to the traffic lights and waited for them to change as i looked by the old electricity baored shop on the corner look there it is sitting there wow did you see that its gone through the wall of the shop .perhaps its after a new stove buy now pay in september offer i said .as we turned on to the braintree road it was running along beside us .ted said i dont like this as we came over the bridge by witham rail station it just sat on the corner and just as we looked faded away in frount of our eyes

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