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failtecroeso,dynnargh,welcolmand now its no 5 of the storys that didnt make the blog as its time to go back to the late 1980s and the big fire of braintree high street so ready to come with me back to 1987

June 10, 2013


one of the biggest events i reamember of my time whilst in braintree was the fire that happened on night at the bottom of the high street at the time there used to be a tv shop and the buters shop dewhurst and the hinds jewlers shop they sold all this expensive things but how loverly they was as i used to look in the window at there well layed out dissplays on show thenas you went up the high street there was boutells as you walked by there used to be this loverly smell of ground coffee that used to fill that end of the high street then and then there was crittall and winterton they sold every thing from pots and pans and clocks and then one night the tvshop and butchers cought fire and burnent to the ground nearly thats was in the days when you could rent a tv or vidieo player and you couldf smel;l the smell of burning for days on end as for the shops sadly they have all gone except the jewlers but the smell of coffee has all gone sadly thats change for you as time mooves on but i suppose that the one braintree high street memerey will be when i walked with the ghosts of braintree high street and that preety dress in the window of what was then hannys the book shop at that time there are lots of ghosts in braitree and the surrounding areas even witham has some in newland street theres a old pub there oppisit theres a little side road and at christmas time they have the big xmas tree theremore about this story nent time in part 2 and i reamember in 1987that ted and i had to vist his friend bob on march 20th of that year as we came off the a12 slip road and turned by the garage just before you come into witham on the left theres a field and there was these unuall funny looking houses with smoke coming out the top look at them i said to ted pull over as we stopped by the side of the road as i said to ted i didnt know braintree distric councill have bulit some new houses here i didnt see it in the braintree and witham times so ted said it must be a travelers site but it cant be i said look the houses are thatched and round surly they coulnt nock something like that up in a short time now surley ,so ted rubbed his eyes it cant be what do you mean i said well people used to live like that years ago before the roman in vassion in thebronce age about 544 bc but dont quoite me on that didnt you do histort not that year i said lets get out and have a look i said im not going wheres your sence of advencher as i opened the car door i could see the dawn coing up over the horriseion in the disstace as i went near t o wher e they houses were they vanaged in to thin air a month later we went back along that road at the same time and no sign of the houses as i said to ted at the time did we dreame it we didnt have no alcolhole only tea and coffee that times as i said to ted in your car why dont you ever have a cammeria standing by typical man

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