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the storys that didnt make the blog part 7 welcolme falite.dynnargh,as its time to revist farmer paul and the chocky pigs from 1966and also he told me about suited people with toffee noses

June 15, 2013


it was a march day the 18th  to be presice how can i ever for get so  are you ready to come with me to 1966,as i go to see farmer paul he wasnt in his usall plase so i desided to wait for him and to listen for his big boots making a noice as he walks along as im waiting i see this horrible thing running across the floor with greay in apperance with like a shell on it yuck so i stood on the be chair as it got nearer i screamed as load as i could as i heard pauls foot steps coming in now what thee be standing on the chair my duck he said with all that noize about you up set them hens now what thy be thee trouble with thee he said once more ?look at that thing by thee legs as he looks down and picks it up take it away its nasty its not the boggy man is it i said ?no its a hamless chocky pig so i said thats not a pig kieth and paul are pigs and is it made out of choc olate i woulnt want to eat that no me duck he said that be its name chocky like in them be filems when they said chocks away its thats where the name comes from then i said that be right and they reacon they be millonions of years old like them old dinasaurs oh yes i like them but i dont like the ones with the short arms they look beastly dont thee think i said to paul as he took me on his lap and kissed my head and said ill tell thee a quick story about the posh man with the toffee nose that went about in swindon town with it up in the air as he walked along the road wearing his pin stripped suit and shinny black shoes he was allways reading the news in the paper as he sat down on the steam train seat as the train stopped at swindon town as he went on his way to earn his daily pay and then he would go home the same way now cut along my duck paul said before i go paul do all peaple that wear suits as you call them have toffee noses and do they melt in the sun when it gets hot and do they eat then like a snack when they get hungrey i said you ask so many questions youngon he said then he said when they eat there toffee noses they intantly grow another one in the same size and shape

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