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welcolme dynnargh,and now its time for part 8 of the storys that didnt make the blog so ready to go back to the summer of 1986 june of that year and to meet ted once again and that hunky guy in the scrap yard so back to england in the late 2oth centrey,

June 17, 2013


ted had just brought this old jerloppy a banger of a automobile from up the road he only payed 50pounds for it anyway the seats in it was broken and could i go with him to the local scrap yards to see if he could get some more .as i went into the carpark down stares where i lived at the time i looked at this white thing and said is this thing safe ?.oh i suppose so but john oppisit is the man to help but hes at work till 6pm as you know and ive got to be back in time to cook his dinner he loves his home made steak and kidney pie and i bet you could like a bit as well ?.so ted said ive been looking at the papers in braintree libary and found a couple of scrap dealers one up near rayne and a couple dotted about well its 1135am now so ill just have a cig i hope you brought some tools with you as i have only a couple of screw drivers and a hammer and your not useing them as i dont want to get them dirty is that okay so we set off down the road up into the town there was no braintree by pass then like to day anyway as we went through rayne village and on to wards dunmow on the right hand side there was this scrap place with this allsation big dog on this long chain as we stopped this hunk of a man apperaerd as we got out what you want mate he said i thought at the time how ted showed him as he smiled at me his big hands covererd in dirt and greese come this way he said i see your wearing high heels he said to me yes anit you got a pair of flats so i said now look here i woulnt be seen dead in flats  in flats thats what you wear in your 50s as we looked along the rows of cars some were piled 2o high as the man jumped up and climed in some as they wobbled about this will do for you he said ill leave you to it let me know when your done pay at the door anyway the car was on the ground with 5 stacked on top of it as ted pulled the seat about and found the fixing screws on the floor on this runner thing just a min i said i have toput me pink marrogolds on and if i break a nail your in big trouble i need a hand ted said i cant get the screws un done as i said i thought you was a man as i tryed i coulnt either now what are we going to do he said stay there i see if the man will help so ted said show him a bit of claveage that will get him interested so i said at time you can be a sexed pig ted and as you know timber and lake are not to be touched only by a man that wants to marry me i said anyway i went to find the guy hows it going love he said im afraid ted cant get his nuts undone can you help him by looseing them for him so he said we dont usally do that we just find what you need then its up to you oh well thats a dissapointment i said as i ajusted my stoking as he looked with his big finger down his shirt collor as i liked my lips you are very hunky arent you i said to him as he wipped his brow so i best go and tell him that you dont screw the parts off the cars then oh thats okay it doesnt mater that i have to travel home in that death trapp and on then broken seats and i duuno wat im going to do if i ladder this only pair of stockings as he started to dribble on well im dissapointed i said and me thinking you was a man and all that as i set off to go and find ted he said the guy im paul give me a kiss bitch and ill get the seats out ill tell you what darling do the job ill think about it hows about that ?anyway he took this tools and got the seats out and charged 15pounds and i gave him a kiss on the cheek and then he said could he have my knickers as a momementall so i gave him my ones i had on with tuesday on then in red as we left the scrap yard ted with his leather seats and john had his pie and ted got a thick ear as well men/

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