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welcolme and now its time togo back to the summer of 1987part9and as its coming up to midsummers day and the stort that ted told me about the pubin wiltshire that put its christmas decorations up on that day

June 18, 2013


i reamember meeting up with ted in bank street in braintree when he was telling me when he used to vist this pub not that far from stone henge and that every year as far as he could reamember that they used to put there christmas trimmings up on the 21st of june to cellabrate the midsummers soliste and how in thous days you could go ammonst the stones and touch the blue stones in the center of this ironic well made structer as the morning sunlight would light the gap between the stones in a cirtain way like it does on the 21st of december the mid winter soliste and that in wiltshire there are a lot of pagans live there as i said it must of been a thrilling experance to witness that events .

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