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diwedhva chaptraenaenoi moy bye by wnans ages es nev ages norvys deireadh caibidil anceann seo acusan go beathho naendingpart11

June 19, 2013

bsr_0007redd_0006so now its time for the finall time to look local wide and ask the question what ever happened to big geff?it seems a bit uncanny that all the blokes i knew from 2009 to 2010 from p.t.or or any of the others have gone from my life now but im dissapointed that geff has also dissapeard too and his poor boys are missing there leader as he is missed by all his boys becase of his back proplems so i wish him a speedy reacovery and hes boys on the refuse collection services will im sure will be wanting him back at the helm as they all ways do everything in unison as brothers in arms all for one all for all united they stand as they work long hours to keep the streets ship shape and bethnall green fashion

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