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and now its the closing chapter part one of 2 dynnargh welcolm at the weather forcast as i look in my cyristall ballsfor the last time for the blog at the futer years at the years.2417.2587

June 20, 2013


its something we all talk about as far back as i reamember as we seemed more than ever to wonder what the day weather wize will hold it seems like mother nature sees to detate what and how we all plan and live our daily lives even boffins seem to talk about it and like last year back in june i forcast snow reamember ?as i look at my crystall balls to get a glimst of what things will be like in the years 2417 finally.2587 apperaerd in the balls as the mists of the balls as they got hotter .in part two i will tell you more of what one saw but what about here and now all i can say is that next week the weather will settle down and become a bit hotter  at the moment it will be greay and over cast about 68f to 70f end of part one untill the next time.

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