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failte croeso,dynnargh,welcolm e to mid summers day and its denvorgillas weather forcast into the futer as the year 2587.and 4517 readyto go to the futer if not breafly

June 21, 2013


i reamember years ago i wrote to a famous clarvonant the french lady at the time called marie such a pleasant nice lady she said that when she read my letter she senced that i too can be a good clarviont and also at the time i knew some one who could read peoples tarrow readings at the time but the strange thing was that what i told him about his life came to pass and what he told me didnt much to his annoyance i recall at the time but i must admit to do readings is very draining as it takes a lot of energy and the best way to do readings is by water as it makes more engery can flow anyway the other day i was looking in my crystall balls do do some horescope readings for this finall chapter of the bolg as i touched the ball it became very hot and the white mist became red as i could see the year 4517 apper how strange is that all i could see was the south pole all coverd in green trees and people living in high rise blocks the sky was dull and people looked very young but as the picture became clearer there eyes was old and they looked sadand that people where living under the sea in like reaing forsed glass structers in city complexes as it seemed that the plannet had become over populated and that the ball showed me england with no green spaces a few trees dotted here and there and parts of the east of england was under water the ice had all gone from the north pole as well it seems thatt people was living into there 150s as the time went on it seemed that winter was long and coldlots of snow about 6ft high and sp[ring was shortand citys had no shops only high rised appartments and then the mist came back and then apperaed 2587 and then the ball went clear but it was interseting expearance for just a few seconds well thats it but next time it will be time just too look at the top 4 storys from the past this time from the year of theres more to life than heaven than earth thanks for reading

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