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and now its time to look back at the football bears i used to make for the guys failte croeso.dynnargh,so lets go back to 2008and the watford bear how it all started

June 26, 2013


in my time i have make the little out fits for  the guys who supported there foot ball teams and it all started with the watford one for kieth  and beleve you me having to make up an out fit out of old football shirts wasnt easy to make them fit on the bears and finding the right size bear was a challange in its self as i used to travel far and wide to the other towns to the sports shops or reasontly go on line and to see the blokes face as he sees his team collors on a bear they allways seemed to like them but they do take a lot of woman hours and ive just three more to do now and it looks like they will be the last as i have run out of the guys to make them for now in my time i have made up watford bear arsenall bear wich p.t.o.r. had two and he used to have them in his shop untill that voodoo bitch made him get rid of them and put them in the bin shame he never through that old tramp in the bin with the rest of the sh..t oh well there you go then i made west ham bears for jamie and 5 for the boys on dalston market in 2009 and tottenham bears mancheterunited bear s for dalston celsea bears and finally a few west midlands clubs as england and irish bears about 100 in totall each bear used to take me 4hours to do as i used to stich them up by hand it was an interesting time and im glad that the guys had one mnute of happiness when i gave them to them i did 7 arsenall bears in totall and thats the bear fase facts of it mind you some of the guys i knew had a bear fased cheek as they say

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