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and now its time for 649storythe one before the finall ending story failte croeso with dissabilitysas i allways had to do from as long as i can reamember

June 27, 2013


as the lod going goes never judge a book by it coverand i know in my circumstances i can do it reasonably well and after all its no goog sitting there feeling sorry for your self you have to live with it which is more harder than you think i think in my family they had it all and were lucky enough not to sorry untill later life but i have had mine all my life like i have constant back pain becase im shorter on the left side by 2inches and after going to the hostpitall and beeing proded around at 3years old they said oh they need to have the leg and the back will have to be done and come back but she never botherd to go back as we mooved around or like all familys rows happen and in mine it was a every day accurance but the most annying thing i have is tinatus in the ears it like a tv set with the areail pulled out and when its nite time its worse and loaud and the hiatus hernia i had it in my 20s so its like you get these terrible pains in your arms and chset like the  same feeling as having a heart atact and the more annyed i get the painfull it becomes but i supposse its the raynards thats the worse im allways cold so it has its advanyages in the summer but in the winter its hell and my hands get really painfull but its the fustration of not beeing able to lift anythink or bend down that annoys me more than ever but like anythink else you just have to live with it

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