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and now its time for the closing storypartone of three falite, dynnargh,croeso welcolm as i take the finall look as i go locall wide and i start with isling ton county n1 today and them hunky guys of the royall artillerycorps june 2013,

June 29, 2013


well as one was waiting for the bus from old street i heard this nise of a big band i thought i must be dreaming as it got louder these big burly polise guys came running by at full pelt well as i stood then them came these hunky soldeier guys with there shinny buttons shineing in the sunlight and the size of there big brass cannon well you dont get many of them to the pound i can tell you as they marched down the city road i thought we dont get luxurys like you in bethnall green as they played there drums and blew in to there intruments and one superfit hunk was standing in his van thinky some was wearing green and some was wearing blue not a spot of brill cream in site some looked a bit thin as i thought nothing like a home made maccorioni cheese and home made apple pie and custard woulnt fix im sure as there was this big tall hunk walked by the side of them he looked reall cool as the traffic was stopped as they marched around old streetound about then they was gone oh well bye boys i thought cum again anyway got on the 214 bus and passed the p.t.o.r. stronghold mind you the cream dla cream that he omits i think has gone by its sell by date or use by date as we carried on to islington county once again .and i was in white chapple the other day i notice that its lost one of its ps out of it i suppose it must be osterity cuts by the councill there you go

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