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dynnargh,welcolme.croeso,failte,so lets go to the reaturn of illford and look at whats happining there as the serch for the new bagin 2013.

July 27, 2013


i was dreading it the thought of having to go to the town of illford in the afternoon after what happened that time before but a girls got to do what a girls has to do as they say for a HANDBAG A HANDBAG .as I got on the train out of busy Liverpool street station on a hot Wednesday afternoon as the bell went as it made its way out of the station as it trundled along  the track towards Stratford then to Maryland to forrestgate and manor park .then over the bridge to illford they have just enstored lots of bike holing places on the I went up the stares and out through the barrier as even hotter air greets you from the busy town and the Essex flower girls are selling there flowers on there stall they be there years now and there a reaminder of essexs times past when illford was part of the county before it became now part of London redbridge county,any way I crossed the road and went into the store that has so much more debinhams  they have a wide selection of goods and on the bag section,they have a wide choice so after a lot of shall I wont I have that one evenchally I got a pink one as I have to go to the natural portrate gallery on the Thursday so after that I saw the ladys in the charity shops they recon the famous actress goes in there miss cotterall .so the m says and they have built tower office blolks there that reach the sky cos there so tall and made of steel and glass as the sun glinted of it any way I didn’t see any nasty children so went back to the station and waited for the train and got on as it trundled on its way down the track back to Liverpool street passed the ollimpic site ,

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