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dynnargh,welcolme,croeso,faite as the boys ride in once again from the westmidlands

July 28, 2013


its allways a pleasure to see the 2 boys from the west midlands as they brought my goods so can put the right parts on the other ones that I have .and they are so big and strong as they lifted up the stoves like pieces of paperas the sweat fell of there browsas they positioned them in place so now my cookers are all safely in to boudicas ark now ,mind you taking the parts out of the old other ones is no meen feet as one would say and yesterday it took me 5 hrs to get the parts just of one of the stoves when once again I fatham out how the things were assembled after all they don’t come with an instruction  booklet as the old adage goes there never a man when you need one and now the boys have sailed away until the next time ,until I see thous supper hunks once again and when I hear that sexy brummy accenet once again

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