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living with asthma and the ghost that sits at the bottom of my bed at the same time till daylight arrives dynnargh welcolme croeso failtethe ghost and miss boudica redd

July 28, 2013


I think one of the most negative things about city life is the frightening thing called asthma.wtich like thousands of others plagues peoples lifes.on a daily basis and has been made worse by the increace  of planes going over head and the hot wheather don’t help I struggle to breath.and sit in frount of the fan for air after taking my in halers as he sits there as I go back to the bed for the rest of my hours sleepas its bed at 3am and up at 433am and hes still there as he was all thous years ago but don’t say a word not one at all as the light comes theough my window like so many times before and the ghost is no more for now at least ,until the same time later today but for now that farmer paul has faded away .and the cold chill becomes humid again ,in my world with out any single living men ,so where of all the single white men gone long time standing theve all gone each and every one when will they ever learn when will they ever learn as that famous hymm  says that we used to sing in the quire,

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