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so whats been happening local wide so we start with whitechapple e1 and the biggorted pig that will be be named and shamedit allways neverceese to diisapontme that in 21st centry london that its the most biggorted rased east part of the city and from now on i will name and shame cross me at your perall as i will decare war on you

July 30, 2013


it never seems to amaze me that we live in a big city and here that its seems to be the highest concentration of biggorted pond life indervissialls that god unfortually put breath into I was walking down lemonstreet towards the algate east tube when as I passed the night club there is this office block on the left hand side there were 3 blokes having a smoke the one in the middle was quite nice looking but I never reavall my hand and there was an older one and a mixed rase one wearind a beage suit who shouted out you f freak and was spoiling for a fight his working colleages stood there ,and a word of warning that I will find out who thr firm is and will be putting in a formall complaint to the creeps boss I will not torerate this biggorted behavior from any one so that was biggorted white chapple e1 so whats been happing in bethnall green well the knives are out at the market stalls in the high street and I was shocked to see a 2ft lond looking blade as people walked by I suppose its like doing the shopping an every day occurance and what else well the leyton wapper came back to our village to collect his scrap that I had for him,and as one of his mates said I aint into them meaning me charmine I have allways since the days of ptor had a very very low opinion of London men and now its even lower I wonder why.

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