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and nows its time to go back to 1967and meet once again farmer paul and the colour car key

July 31, 2013


there youngion what be the matter with thee my duck and where did you get that cig from?it will stunt your growth and aunty shoulnt give them to thee ,so you have thee wondering face on thee he said .well its like this aunty said shes got a carkey top ,where did she get all thous carkeys from ? and she must know a lot of people with cars to have there keys .and how will they drivethemwith out there keys I said ?he had his puzzled look on his face and ponderd his answer whats the next question he then said my aunt said that another aunt was a two fased cow does it be that she really is a cow like daisy marigold and buttercup and have you ever seen thee with thses two fases that she talks about he laughed with a roar I don’t ritely know my duck about it I cant answer thee its womens things and by the way my duck find a bigger top that’s one a bit to small for thee now nice but too small on thee way and do your work and get a bra on as he made this funny noise and smiled

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