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the story of the 4 bearsthe last in the seris and what they was well this is wallsall west midlands bear that i did for one of the boys i know from that area and then there was manchester bear and birmingham bear and finally the one called aresnall bear dynnargh welclom falite croseofrom 2009 to 20013

August 27, 2013

oh the story of the 4 bears the last in the seris I ever did for the boys that I know and the one who is no longer part of my life due to toal ungratefull piggishes ness men any way we start with wallsall bear well hes gone to work as a mascot for the west midlands boys and then there was biringham bear he was the hardest to do many trying to find birimgham things in London was ninon impossible and making it fit but got there in the end hes gone to live with this wow cor sexy guy with puppie dog eyes wow them brummy men I tell you and then theres Manchester bear to this cute guy and sadly aresenall bear the one that’s so unwanted by his owner for nin on 4 years now but I suppose like me the bear being white was the wrong colour its strange that every bloke that I knew that supported the team allways said wrong colour only in to black pussy after giving me the come on I often wonder why they botherd in the first place so the poor aresnall bear has no one to love him I know how it sadly feels oh dearmy dear

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