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ould not be trusted and that they was allways up to somethingstrange things at liverpoolstreet with the thing of the suited guys rubbing there shoes on the back of there troozersdynnargh welclome falite croeso

August 28, 2013

they say the term suited and booted how strange when these guys don’t wear boots oh ya they wear shoes or them suade ones mind you I was allways told that a bloke that wore sweadethey was up to something but I notised on severall occations that these guys come off the train look at there shoes and then rub them on the backs of there troozers now why is this is a strange like ritall that they feel they must do before entering the work place I wonder ?or you get the ones with the sling back s with the socks in them with the big toe sticking out the hole is that a thing I wonder from the hippy days of the 1960s that’s been left over from that time ?far out ,

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