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you better shape you midlands airies guys cos my heart is set on serduceing in you with a choccky biscuit or two or an other big bears must be the male shovernisitic type only after all a mans place is in frount the tv with larger in hand and hairy with shaven cropped hair so come you guys like choccky bicckys then lets see what yer made of dynnargh,welcolme falite croeso

August 28, 2013

heres I in my 1950 come 1970s out fit from that famous film you know the one so boys think your man enough as I go on a man shopping trip manley for the aries guy you can allways spot one from a mile off whith there thick powerfull neck and there wide shoulders and big hands and feet as they bounce down the steert with that attutued like there cock of the walk like they growl at every one they meet ,viscountessboudica_0012Boudica and just a few of the cooker - small fileIMG_3113

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