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as its time to go to englands 2nd city to see and seek out the birmingham big bears with there sexy talk so single guys have you got a girlfriend your looking so col i want your number so i can see you dynnargh welclome falite croeso

August 29, 2013


I know from my dealings which the two guys that cum with my bits from time to time and I tell you girls that’s where the men are with there bear like looks and that wow sexy voice its time I investergated these god like powerfull strong men and see if theres any single ones I can tempt out of his lare like all bearshave and see what they are lie n there own territory sice that sadly the London single men are virtually exstinked and the ones you see here are with mixed rase girls and after all theres a man somewhere else to try and sudduse with choccky biscuit s in hand to temp a brummy man the bigger the better so see you soon as I will get the Birmingham bloke it will be interesting to see whats on offer and I can allways have a look around the bull ring shopping center,so cum on you guys

lets hope there not like what s gone here before like ptor on hindsight I should of made sire that he came with a garrenty then I could of had him under the sales of goods act and said sorry these goods are faulity there nots whats advertised on the box and not responding or working as they should not fit for purpose and I want a full reafund heres the reaseat,i wish as its allways been the case for me I never get to choose men allways like cats spray there sent stroke your leg with there tail and then bed some other old trollop typical

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