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the last in the seris of brighton pics and its row row your boat ship ahouy me heartys dynnargh welclome falite croeso

August 29, 2013

out side the little parade of shops theres a little museium on the sea shore out side theres this little boat and you can ammagine the saliors making for shore row it after being pressed ganged all thous years ago from one of them sailing ships as they set to row and sing them see shantys mind you when I ve ever seen a saior on them old movie reruns on the tv even in the modern times wearing there bell bottoms like they do on them modern ships and they have there tot of rum all ship shape and Bristol fashion or in this case all ship shape and brighton fashion but ive notised the saliors on the news don’t wear them big earrings no more and don’t have beards I suppose that’s modern fashion but they allways got the bell bottoms give us a clang some time and they still got them crows in there nests still along way to gather the eggs nothing to crow about then long as theydont stone the crows that would be very creal now woulnt it so ship ahouy in thenavy they have the 7 seras to travel so theres the little boat go and vist brighton your self what you waiting for so will I return hopefully in late September when I get a nortiacal outfit to wear ships that pass in the day

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