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as the old crows in the old church yard one thing ive notised about them is that they allways have something to crow about dynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 15, 2013


as the old crow family next door in the little church yard as soon as it be light start crowing about something first of all its one then they are in unison they all crow from the same hymm sheet as they fly from one tree to another as they crow away and then spot some pray and then scoop and drive in like a bommer and take it away as they take it to there nests in the tree house they made in the sky that they seem to stay in all year as the squarrles gather and hide there nuts ones again like a cold store once more as nature gets ready to put on its window gown of white once again as the berrys in all different colours hang from the busses and trees like saying take me if you please my berry goods are free if you wanna take from thee oh look theres a passing bumble bee as it spots a fun gladiola purple flower I bet it was glad when it be see that watch out mr bumble bee there s afat cat comming thee way as the bee flys waay to live annothere day as the gladiola and its pink mate swing in the late summer breeze if you pleasebefore there petals fade before long I bet they feel glad all over like in that very old song .

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