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the return to islington wet countydynnargh welcolme falite croeso and allso why is it that hoxston men all ways are putting things in there mouths

September 15, 2013


tis be a cold day as me my self and I went to catch tee bus out of bethnall green to old street where I spyed putting his mobile fone in his mouth that’s one thing and then another one had is cigs then another one had his keys in his mouth how strange so oft one went to go underneath the subway after seeing the hoxston men and went though the station to catch the bus as one was waiting for the bus this mature chappy said hail taxi I thought hail sun snow rain wind sleet we will be getting it over the winter so hail your taxi which one silver one turned up and the old chappy got in in his ok ya posh suit as I thought okay old fruit any way yhe bus turned up on a got to the county town it was be packed and then got off at angle and did my shopping and that was that got on the 43 then the 55 back to bethall green until the next time

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