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the reaturn to islington county and the hunky beared man in the white van and the pink hat dynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 16, 2013


as I went on a mission to find a pink hat to islington county on a breezey day in the county town which is 2 bus rides away as I got oft the second bus at angle all of a sudden I heard this beep as I looked around and around there was this beared hunk in his white man as I looked and looked again at this hunk of a man as we had eye to eye contact as I looked at his handsome face for a few seconds before the traffic lights changed as he proceeded along the road that heads to kings cross I thought I know how the king feels im cross as this hunk escapes like a breaf encounter oh well better love next time so then it was oft to pay a few bills as one walked by the pub on the corner there was the islington males at the bar sipping there pints like so many times before as they go to the bar some ankle biters small and some tall oh just one more pint mate as they conreagate there next move as they sit there with out a care with there manley stare oh look is that be a single one over there no wrong again but there and then that little old friend on there finger once again like a warning light to say hes taken not availkible for any day as I procceded along the high road to the hat shop I wonder if the pink hat will still be there after all this time but it was like it had my name on it so I just brought it as I went to sainsburys store and got my bits like so many times before as I wore pink outfit as I then walk by the pub as the guys come out of there said I want your hat as I glared at them to say buy your own and then they went away to then it was time to go back to bethnall green once again,as for the hunky fit guy has long gone on his way shame may be just maybe I will see him again some day until the next time .in islington county

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