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as its halloween so lets reaturn to 1989 and the reahursall for the fist of my halloween partys part of the braintree years as ted arrives back from the smokey city of northan londonwith the 4 pauls as its the trail of the apple dunking dynnargh welcolm falite croeso

October 31, 2013


you know how it is you start to do somethink and the fone rings at the wrong time ?brainintree 555525oo whos calling it I ted the voice said ive found 4 friends who want to come to the party tonite bee with you in an hour see one then okay har as one put the fone down as I look at the 2 washing up bowls one large red and one smaller orange I wonder which one would be suitable to use I know ive got 4lbs of apples coxes as I fill the bowls full of water and put them on the ground and wash the apples and put them in the bowls as they bob up and down as I think its nearly ready the ballons areuporange and darkblue and black of course that will do all that’s left is the cider punch and to use my best red glasses with pattern on and my best crokery that’s hand paited flowers from crittle and winterton s in the town after all I cant have people thinking one common now can I ,so the time just seems to fly by and now that I just have to put my out fit on but first lets put on some spooky songs with that you cant go wrong with the right song as I think come along ted as I said that he was at the door with his mates as I answer the door come in let me intro duce you ted said this is paul from hackney way and paul from hibury and paul from croyden town and paul from a longwaya way as I looked in horrer oh no not a paul and 4 as I rush out the door I said be back in a min as I rush over the road theres valium with a mate of his called fred hi soory to barge in you anit got a spare valium and a pink gin ive just ran out its my shout next time okay see you be as I left don’t forget the party tonite wear smething white tonite as I went back they were sat waiting so boys want a tea oh yes please they said and that was the other 3 pauls but one said cheers mate that would be great nice one mate ,so a few mins later I gave them there teas like a slice of home made cake oh please the others said all but one paul from hi bury who again said cheers mate that would be great nice one mate and this continued all day with this paul so oft I took ted into the kitchen and said that hibury paul all hes says is cheers mate that would be great nice one mate . so said don’t he say nothing else its like a catch fraze or something .so it was time to go to witham to get some more booze ,but I had to sit on pauls lap as the one from hibury said come and sit on mine cheers mate that would be great nice one mate ,as we went around the town in to woolies I tried to find out about this paul if I could make him say anythink else but all ways the same ending statement cheers mate that would be great nice one mate help I could of screamed witham down any way oft wewent back along the brantree road as the otherpauls spoke to there selfs and this paul shaven head like the others said time and time again cheers mate that would be great nice one mate and in fact it was time to get in doors as I got of his lap as the bugger slapped my bum and said cheers mate that would be great nice one mate ,so it was time for a drink and some food bacon buttys okay I said can I have 3 paul said as they was all skinhead types any wayu after a while I said lets do a trail on your knees boys if you please and lets see about trying to get an apple out the bowl with out your hands just your teeth as they put there heads in the bowl; one s paul said o fu..k whats the mater I said is it too hard na mate ive lost me bleeding teeth in the bowl as the one from hi bury said as he and the othersput there hands in the deep bowl to find them all of a sudden there was a help as paul said somethinks just bleeding bite me yelp as he pulled his moreler hand out of the water and there sure to be there was this pauls false teeth for all to see on his finger as tight as can be as the other one pulled his teth of his finger it must of hurt as he said that hurt and then said cheers mate that would be great nice one mate as the others coulnt keep a straight fases and started to laugh no half so have adrink boys I have to get ready time to be me the witch of eastern Braintree for all to see a hopur later I ammerged from the bed room as I go to the kitchen and start putting out the nibbles like sauagey rolls and crisps and the dor bell rang time and time again as it was time to catch up with more old friend s again as the night drew to a close it was time for allto go on there way again see you soon ted did you enjoy your selfs pauls come again as the pauls said nice one and the hibury one said cheers mate that would be great nice onemate as they went on there way to the smokey city far be yond smoking

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