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out of stock in bethnall green dynnargh falite croeso

November 29, 2013

oh the trialls ans trubulations of trying to do any basic food shopping here any body waould think it was some think out of the war years that you see in them old films of the time with the selves all bear with what has become a catch fraze in our local village shopps out of stock on the shelfs you would of thought in the 21st centery bethnall green oh did I say 21st no it must be 1940s that they would make sure this would nt happen now woulnt you its about time that some one got off there back side and made sure like hello other towns that we here could go and buy the basics like bread cakes toilet rolls like every one else perhaps thay should have a programme here like in a fustarted person get me out of here thay could have the hunt for the missing bread or hello are you really a toilet roll or is that a cake that’s in date the council has built all these new flats but for got we need more shops like hello now wats it called oh yes super market

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