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so lets reaturn to wood green and the summer of 1995 and paul how could i ever for get him and his goolies pop group he said thats wat they were calleddynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 29, 2013

oh pauls wat is it about blokes by that name reamember prevosley on paul when his club biscuit melted in his pants  on that hot august day so lets return to a time earlier when we sat on the grass at duckets common and this pop group he said was from the 1980s that he liked called the goolies as I said at the time sounds a right bunch oh he said they were big goolies and I cant get hold of there singles and id love to be able to say ive held the goolies in my hand so I said if you don’t keep quiert youll get a kick up the goolies you know wats it like when your trying to think wat to do so oft we went into the charty shops trying to find these goolies and even the one in tottenham high road I felt such a fool when paul came out and asked the sales assistant you anit got any goolies m?/the sales assistant said na we aint got them wat did they sing there hits he said so paul said I think it was money im lost never heard of that one so I said lets go as we walked through the door I said you sure you got the name right cos ive never heard of the goolies were they a big group or just a pear of gooiles sounds aright bunch oh no im sure that’s what they are called he said  as I said to paul if you have made me give up my afternoon looking for your group the now wat you called them the goolies well im waiting paul he was insistant that wat they was called well im sorry paul ive never heard of them so he said I cant under stand it why cant get hold of these goolies paul said well you will have to go to Camden perhaps they might have some goolies over in there record shops you never know you might find a pair of these goolies after all then he started to smirk you ever get the feeling that you have been had for a fool when he said oh its not the goolies its the doolies as I said my mother used to like them you pig you had me going around the record shops asking for these goolies and you get a kick up wat ever these goolies are and then he said wat they was a slag term for balls then it dawned on me wat balls men have I tell you I was furious with him but that’s a paul for you the pratical jokers that a lot of them are and of course being an aires star sign I should of known of that combination as I told  him you have made us look like aright pair of goolies and I never went into the reacord shop again I was to emmbarist thanks to a paul men I ask you

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