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time to look back at when i was once unemployed and the pit falls and peralls of it and how the goverments have not got the first idear whts its like to be unemployed dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 29, 2013


you here storys on the news bulitins about how the unemployed some of them get there money cut off which is in my view unlawfull and wicked of the dwp to do it so lets be realistic about this from my own experance of it in the past and let me tell you being unemployed is a hard frustrating job in its self looking for the jobs and if any think like this area where 99persent of the shops and bussneses don’t employ out side there own familys I know when I was doing the desingns even thou I was good at it the boys wopuld not take me on as they didn’t employ outsiders but even if you have degrees coming out your back side employers only pick the best like you have to fit in and not be different I know on the rare times I managed to get any contact with any of them it was oh I don’t think so you way you dress or your so well known or you don’t come from the area oh you have a dissabilty or you come from that area oh your a tranny the think with going for the job is that’s its like going on for a date because there are so many factors in volved and if thay don’t like the look of you or even how you sound then its the kiss of death in my view it should be that you can do the job and thay should give you the chance on that merit alone and its like anythink else don’t judge a book by its cover one size don’t fit all and some people are not treated fairly and there again reamember one minaster in the tory party said get on your bike may be then in my view the unemployed should have mentors ie some onefrom the dwp or what ever thay call them selfs now thay have more name changes than ever I think the unemployed don’t know who thay are with let alone the staff but really they should have people that have been long term unemployed who have a greater understandind of what its like to be unemployed instead of some public school pratt that aint got the first idear what its all about use the carrot and stick approach instead of the stick and make employers take on people in the work place and actually gain experance that way it give a whole extra think on ones ressermey

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