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the reaturn to bishops gate libairy welclome nollaig shona nadelik lowen llawen nadolig

December 7, 2013


it has been quite some time since one visted stef and his gang at the libairy unfortually poor old steff wasn’t there hes got the London sniffels theres a lot of it about you know in London so one left there Christmas cards ect and to wish them all in the bishops gate libairy a happy christmas and steff to reasume his right full place at the seat of power at the library get well soon seff so wat else I see in the well know n tabloid pappCNV00016viscountessboudicaer about the insendents in bethnall green well I get that all the time cover your self up its a matter of fact here in the left wing state of bethnall green

ans that’s why I gave up wearing my shorts and sort skirts here its became more hazzle than it was worth if you have allies to help you its okay but I haven’t after all theres safty in numbers but theres to many in bethnall green so it was easier to say oh wats the point and just wait till I find somewhere else to wear them and then up sticks and move after all im a single person get me out of hear but bethnall green is one of the most biggorted narrow minded places next to Braintree ive ever had the misfortune to live in

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