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so now its time to look at the my life knowing a paul and the story that didnt make the blog whilst i was recalling my times knowing one and ive known many in my time but its time to reaturn once again to the chelmsford braintree years and lets once again meet paul with his pet small willy and keith at my only one christmas party back in 1986 llwen nadolig nollage shona nadelik lowenso are you ready hen lets go

December 8, 2013

its allways been my expearance if a pauls involved theres bound to be some sort of mayhem and on this occation blows was coused over pauls willy so its 1986 decembere the 18th of that yeari desided that at the time id have a small gathering to say its been one year since I moved to plansfied in Braintree in 1985 I tell you my big boy was not amused having pauls big willy in the flat so theres was ted paul and his big will his pet keith and ones self as we sat there these two 2 big burley blokes in there tight jeans and docs and of course that paul pet dog willy the hinze 57 mixed breeed mut dog which sat on the rug in frount of the electric fire but I know from experance that keiths can be hot heads and being aires that makes it worse for a fiery combination as last Christmas was playing on the reacord player paul whom sat beside me with his legs opened wide typical paul .ans keith was talking to ted and then all of a sudden it kicked oft when paul said I don’t like the way that keith geezer looking at my willy what do you meen I said im sure theres no harm in the way hes looking at your willy I aint going to have any one look like that at my willy he said so I said well perhaps he likes big dogs any way a few more drinks later and keith was stroking pauls dog all of asudden paul said I anit having that you see the c s stroking my willy the wrong way wat a c its making him loose his hairs coming out and then it happened as paul said oh you keith you geese stop stroking me willy he don’t like the way you do it so keith said well it anit moved mate you know wat I mean so ted then said no harm intended paul your willy don’t seem to mind after all he aint barked and said nothing about it any way paul said that’s it get your hands off him or ill nut you keith didn’t and paul put his size 12 docmartin boot in to keiths balls keith then said ill stroke your willy when I like maty oh no you want the dog started barking and I had to try and part them any way paul sat down and I told him to put his willy in the bed room and said I just don’t know with you guys a fight overyour willy being stroked okay paul so you have a ig dog called willy and keith stroked it not like your wily minded now was it so shake hands boys come on you guys ant way they regrundanley shook hands and it was time for the party to end but I didn’t have a Christmas party the next few years I can tell you

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