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the reaturn to coldchester coming soon from 1981llawen nadolig nollaig shona nadelik lowenand this is the last in seris of walking with essex men

December 9, 2013

DSCF0161the reaturn to coldchester coming soo from 1981llawen nadolig nllaig shona nadelik lowen

many years have past since I walked with coldchester men and the one think that still burns in my memery is there roman type nose that they have there and how the town is allways cold take for i,nstance that in Chelmsford it can be a warm 90 f sunny day but in cold chester it feels more like 56f Colchester is one of englands oldest towns and it was the capital of the trnovantes tribe for years then in 43ad Claudia and them romans came and took the plce over and in ad 49 built the a fortress camulodunumwhen Claudia croked they the romans had a temple built to honer the old bitch and the poor people of camulodunum had to pay higher taxes a bit likt to day under the tories no change there then until boudica one sorted them out and burnt coldchester to the ground the coldchester lot was the first to wear the roman sling backs and skirt I bet that wind was cold for them Colchester had one of the first running like tracks and areas I reamember the castle that was built by William the conker in the 10th centery built the foundations on top of the old temple of cludia and if you go into the castle you can still see remains of the temple they had lots of entertainments there well lets face it no Anglia tv hadn’t been invented yet to watchfrom norwich

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